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Global Copyright Game Operation

The online game market in China experiences rapid development and in the era of intelligent machine, this market has successfully connected with the world, leading the industrial development. As the best developing channel of IP, IP game witnesses a very promising future. Based on corporate resources, Lead Eastern constantly obtains various IP copyrights through international cooperation and domestic production, and makes contributions to IP game exploitation, distribution, operation as well as marketing together with top mobile game exploitation, distribution and channel in China. Meanwhile, industrial partners are united by Grand Eastern, to realize an operative circle around quality IP. Based on cartoon, film and television resources, projects including network drama, animation, film and television are launched during the process of game exploitation, to strengthen the popularity and group effect of IP. Herein, we keep examining the market and partners through cooperation, especially for quality developing game company, we deepen mutual relation and credibility with project cooperation, and then proceed equity investment, to realize merger and acquisition in the end.