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Company Profile

Lead Eastern Investment Co., Ltd got approval in the official letter(No. 107127, 1996) of the People’s Government of Shanxi Province in Nov. 1996, registered in Shanxi Administration For Industry And Commerce on Jan. 17th, 1997, and exclusively established by Datong Cement Group Co., Ltd, which was a state-owned exclusive company. Then, judged by justice, the controlling shareholder of Lead Eastern Investment Co., Ltd turned to Xiamen Lead Holding Group Co., Ltd, with the final name changing into Lead Eastern Investment Co., Ltd on Feb.4th, 2013.


Corporate stock code : sz000673


Stock abbreviation : Lead Eastern.


With three business units of content, channel, as well as derivative , Lead Eastern Investment Co., Ltd (“Lead Eastern”) is growing into a whole industrial chain cross-country media enterprise. In terms of content, centering on making competitive contents, Lead Eastern continuously strengthen and develop the capability of film and TV drama content production, cooperate with film studios of international rating class to improve our overall strength in stages including production, distribution as well as financing, to lay a foundation for making competitive films, and to accumulate advantages in technology fields like visual effect and 3D business. As for new media, copyright library will be strengthened. In terms of channel, Lead Eastern commits to provide ultimate experience, reinforce the seizing of channels, as well as improve the competitiveness, and plans to keep the layout in terms of theatres. From the perspective of internet television channels, Lead Eastern cooperates with ZTE9 in full swing, and at the same time, actively coordinates new media channels and sets up new media broadcast channels, putting our excellent films, TV dramas, and other domestic films onto the new media platform of Lead Eastern. As for derivative products, on the basis of strengthening copyright operation and brand operation, Lead Eastern excavates the copyright value of film and TV drama, TV program and new media content by implanting advertisement, derivative games, and so on.


Beijing Might Alliance Move Co., Ltd (“Might Alliance Move”), with its 100% shares hold by Lead Eastern, was established in 1997. The former of Might Alliance Move is Beijing Yoyoshine Film&TV Culture Co., Ltd, with business including film and television investment, production, distribution, actor management, etc. It has independently or partially invested in, planned, made, and distributed more one hundred films and TV dramas. With experience of producing quality film and TV drama, it has successively produced high quality dramas like The Patriot Yue Fei, The Four, New Girlfriend Era, etc., of which the final one approached the third place of the webcasting rat io in the eighth week in 2014, with its ratio of 0.236 billion times.


On Mar.27th, 2015, Might Alliance Move got the authorization to remake the famous Korea TV Drama My Love from the Star into film and TV drama in China. Now, it is dealing with related record procedures in Film Administration, State Administration of press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China. This authorization is also exclusive in the Greater China Area.


In addition, Might Alliance Move commits to the development of artist management, with artists including Zhang Zhixi, Zhang Ruihan, Cui Lin, Jiang Zhengyang, etc. under its management.